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It’s a Woman’s World Premiere

March 8 @ 20:15 - 22:00

Olga Vocal Ensemble presents “It’s a Woman’s World”

Beyoncé, Hildegard von Bingen, Nina Simone, Suor Leonora d’Este, Hindu saints, and mansplaining.

It’s a Woman’s World is an exploration of all kinds of music with feminist themes and celebrating iconic female artists throughout the last thousand years. Olga only has male singers. People ask us: “Why feminism? You’re men!” It’s simple – we’re doing this because people often don’t expect men to care, and we want to reverse that expectation. Music is our platform, so we’ll use that platform to support feminism and inspire both women and men. #heforshe


You’ll hear crazy musical combos – artists like Hildegard von Bingen from the 12th century and Beyoncé from the 21st, two amazing women separated by hundreds of years but unified by music. We’ll also feature songs that were super popular in their day, but only because everyone overlooked their built-in sexism. Whether it’s Mozart or Lou Bega, sometimes the story doesn’t change much over the centuries.


World Premiere


We’ll present the world premieres of four new pieces by Carlijn Metselaar (Dutch), Anne-Maartje Lemereis (Dutch), Evelin Seppar (Estonian), and Bára Grímsdóttir (Icelandic). Each brings her own approach and style to feminism – we’ll have stories about Akka Mahadevi, a medieval Hindu saint, and a Requiem for a Glass Ceiling, featuring sexist quotes by influential people. Another piece has lyrics based on phrases from boys’ and girls’ clothes, showing the different gender-based expectations we create for our children. And then there’s a cabaret-comedy song about mansplaining.


Pre-Concert Presentation


One hour before the concert, at 19:15, there will be a presentation with interviews and open discussion about the topics presented. Details TBA, all are welcome!


March 8

Venue: Tivoli-Vredenburg

Address: Vredenburgkade 11
Utrecht, Netherlands
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